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Some of the simplest tasks in life can also be the most time consuming.

Personal Assistance Services


- Miscellaneous purchases;

- Appointment scheduling and/ or transportation - to and from;

- Bill payments;

- Dry cleaning drop off / pick up;

- Food pick up / delivery / preparation;

- Grocery shopping and delivery.


Personal Training Arrangements


Beauty Stylist Arrangements

- Hair stylist;

- Makeup stylist.

Property Management Arrangements

- Act as liaison with vendors and contractors;

- Housekeeping;

- Housecleaning;

- Trash Pick Up;

- Waiting services (installs such as cable, deliveries, etc);

- Mail and Newspaper pick up;

- Seasonal home opening / closure.


Events Arrangement

- Planning and preparation;

- RSVP list coordination;

- Act as a liaison with event vendors.


Travel Arrangement

- Transportation to and from airport;

- Vacation home rental arrangements;

- Linen rentals for your vacation rental home.

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